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We at Veterans Elite Realty Services are committed to outstanding service to our Veterans living in the South Florida area. We have been operating since 1982, and in our 25 years of unparalleled service have assisted thousands of our Nation's Greatest and their families in purchasing their own homes.

Veterans purchasing a home have many benefits available to them that often go unused. Veterans Elite specializes in enabling, you, the Veteran, to access the full benefits that come from your VA Home Loan program.

With decades of experience working with the complexities of VA loans, Veterans Elite is South Florida's leading authority in helping Veterans access the programs available to them. We understand how these programs work and how to connect our Veterans to their benefits.

From start to finish Veterans Elite is your one-stop shop in purchasing your home. To ensure our Veterans receive optimum assistance, our team of professionals are specially qualified in providing service in every facet of the VA process. Whether it is finding that ideal home, negotiating terms, coordinating appraisals and inspections, or financing, we are with our Veterans every step of the way.

With offices located in Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, and Orlando our agents are ready to serve you wherever you may wish to purchase. We are committed to you, the Buyer, to your benefits, and to you becoming a proud home-owner.

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