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Mission Accomplished

Mission:  Homestead:  A few years after Veterans Elite assisted Wilger in moving into his new home, the family decided they needed more room for horticultural hobbies and animals.  They listed their homes, and in less than one month had a contract on their home netting them over $90,000 in less three years living in their home.  Veterans has since assisted them in meeting their new goals in buying a great new home in the Redlands with over 2.5 acres. 

Mission:  Miami:  New promotions and career opportunities meant selling the home David and Kaitlin purchased thru Veterans Elite just four years earlier in less than 30 days.  One month later and over $75,000 richer-David & Kaitlin are on their way to their new digs and new careers in central Florida.

Mission:  Pembroke Pines:  A growing family and growing children meant the need for a bigger home for Juan and Nicole.  After using Veterans Elite to purchase their old home-VERS listed and sold their home in less than 20 days.  Thirty days later-they were out of the old and on their way into the new.  Veterans Elite then helped them with their new dream home-big enough for their family to grow for many years to come.  

Mission:  Coral Springs:    Three years after Veterans Elite helped fireman Kevin into a new home for less than $1,000 total move in costs, Veterans helped him sell his home netting nearly $25,000.  Kevin is now set to go on his next career adventure.  Europe anyone? Sorry-Veterans Elite can't help him there.  International House Hunters?  

Mission:  Miami Gardens:  The kids are big and James is an empty nester.  Time to downsize and move on to the next chapter in life.  VERS put it on the market, in three days James had a contract, and a month later he was on his way closing on the home for more than it listed.  Now off to his next great home.  

Mission:  Coral Springs:  After nearly 30 years in their home, empty nesters Pedro and Grace had been looking to downsize and move into a smaller home.  In less than three days they sold their home-at higher than list price and closed in just over 30 days.

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