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Kent Nelson

Real Estate Broker


Kent Nelson is a leader in the real estate industry. In his many years in the real estate business, Kent has established a stellar reputation of outstanding service to his clients and uncommon professionalism. A multi-million dollar broker, and ranked in the top one percent of producing VA agents, Kent has no parallel.

Kent's unique background has enabled him an edge over others in the field. With a Master Degree in Economics, few grasp as deep an understanding of today's markets. As the Market Director over the Asian continent for a multi-billion dollar organization, Kent has unmatched experience that works for you. Over seventeen years of experience in international business comes to your advantage at the negotiation tables.

Sarah Gardiner_edited.png
Sarah Gardiner

Real Estate Sales Associate


Sarah Gardiner is an accomplished professional with a multi-faceted background. She is passionate about helping others and loves creating memorable experiences.

Sarah Gardiner has a deep business background and an entrepreneurial spirit. She is pragmatic, hard-working, and down-to-earth. Having worked in the realty industry for several years, she brings a wealth of experience to her clients.

Sarah Gardiner loves working with people.  She has lived internationally for over 15 years and has enjoyed learning and helping others—it is why she has chosen realty as a career.

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