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10 Things I am Grateful For

SUNSETS: I've lived in other states, I've lived in other countries, and nothing is so vivid and alive as Florida sunsets. They dye the skies in the most vibrant colors and I could bask in it forever!

LAKES: This area has so many lakes and ponds that I'm spoilt for choice! They are fun to play in but I also love to see the magical upside-down reflection of our own world on its calm surfaces.

HOME: So growing up "home" was wherever my family was. So if we were on a trip then "home" was the hotel room or tent. We've kept that tradition alive in our family and I love it. There’s also the very real roof over our heads. The base of operations for our lives, and the scene for so many memories. I am grateful to have a home and a house.

MY FAMILY: I have an incredible husband and awe-inspiring children. I want to curl up in their thoughtful conversations, be embraced by their easy smiles and quick hugs, and marvel at their quick wit all the time. I'll take all the moments I DO have.

MY COMMUNITY: People are pretty amazing. I have lived among my awesome neighbors long enough to see that the news has it all wrong, they talk about the exceptions not about the rule. People support each other, they look out for each other, they reach out to pull up their neighbors, there is so much love.

MY FAITH: I believe in God. He keeps a steady hand on this crazy ship called Sarah. I can't imagine my life without Him. There are ups, downs, deep dark lonely pits, and soaring mountains and He's been there every second.

FOOD: I know I should be more specific but I can't. I love food from everywhere, like the warm spice of India, the cool spice of Thailand, the subtle yet complex flavors of Japan and Chile, the comforting foods of the Southern United States, and the huge leaps from one amazing flavor profile to another you find in Europe. I also love the cheery cookies from a kind friend, the canned soup from a well-meaning husband, and the homemade potluck a warm-hearted neighbor brings. It's all awesome!

OAKS WITH SPANISH MOSS: If you head down further south these mighty oaks are replaced by more spritely tropical plants but nothing is as beautiful as these oaks with Spanish moss dripping off them in sheets of romantic veils.

A/C: I could not survive without my A/C. There are so many incredible modern technologies that allow us to live such rich lives and the A/C unit in Florida is a powerful symbol of technology making our lives better. I live better now that Kings/Queens/Emperors lived a few hundred years ago!

GAMES: Board games, card games, VR games, computer games, console games, game experiences (like Escape Rooms), outdoor games, party games, social games… all of them, they all are amazing! The creativity, worldbuilding, and storytelling that goes into these are phenomenal and I love to immerse myself in play when I can and it’s even better with friends, family, and neighbors!

What are you grateful for?

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