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Christmas in Christmas, Florida!

So there is this magical place called Christmas in Florida. Many people go there to get their Christmas cards postmarked and sent from Christmas but it's also got an amazing historical park! Now I love this place even when it's not Christmas!

In this historical park, there is a small Fort (you guessed it! Fort Christmas) and a dozen original/replica homes spanning from the Civil War era to the late 1950s. Inside each, there are period-accurate replicas or pieces depicting how life would have been like in the Florida cracker community. Let me be very clear, Florida crackers refer to cattlemen because of the distinct crack of the whip used by the ranchers. Ok, with that history lesson out of the way let's get down to the awesome Florida Cracker Christmas Festival!

For this festival, the historical homes have re-enactments, fantastic old engines, and stunning tractors are out to view, a gentleman with one of the largest phonograph collections in the world exhibits and teaches all about them, and the food is delicious and all the stalls have me reaching for my wallet! It really is incredible! But you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... so how about a moving picture? Check out the short video below!

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