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Memorial Day

This is a picture of my granduncle who died in WWII. He was survived by his brothers who told us what an amazing person he was and how they missed him.

Memorial Day serves as a special occasion dedicated to honoring those who selflessly sacrificed their future for our present. It is a day for me to express deep gratitude towards those who made the ultimate sacrifice. If you live in the West Orlando area, here are three meaningful ways to observe Memorial Day:

  1. Join the annual Memorial Day Ceremony taking place on Monday, May 29, held at Veterans Memorial Park in Winter Garden.

  2. Engage in watching films that pay tribute to their heroism, such as Saving Private Ryan or Devotion.

  3. Finally, savor a meal together with your family, acknowledging that some individuals gave everything to afford us this privilege.

Memorial Day serves as the ultimate reminder of the true meaning behind "boots on the ground." To all those remarkable heroes, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and say, "Thank You."

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