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Windermere FL, and England?

The history behind the town of Windermere, how it got its name, its connection to England, and where it got its awesome crest, is a fascinating read! Check out the article below, and thank you to Windermere Brewing!

Windermere, Florida is one of a handful of small towns in Florida that have that old iconic Florida charm. From dirt roads, and an impressive urban canopy, to a pristine chain of lakes known for amazing bass fishing & water sports, Windermere is definitely a slice of small-town paradise. So how did this small town get its name and what is its connection with both a massive lake & town in northwest England? In our newest Windermere Brewing Company blog, we will explore these questions & hopefully give you a bit of a history lesson in the process.

The area now known as Windermere was home to the native Timucuan tribe until the Spanish conquest of Florida in the 1500s, with Spanish settlements popping up in the area around 1564. The history of Florida between the 1500s & 1821 was a power struggle between the Spanish, English, & French, ultimately landing under the control of the United States in 1821 & officially becoming a state in 1845. Settlers soon started coming to the area with a US government incentive of 160 acres of land to those willing to cultivate five acres & build a residence.

In 1885, Dr. Stanley Scott, whose father purchased 160 acres in what is now the Town of Windermere limits, built his home on the shore of Lake Butler. Dr. Scott, an Englishman, called his new home & land Windermere. Windermere in England is first and foremost a very large ribbon lake in England’s Lake District National Park. Very fitting to name one’s new home after a place Dr. Scott most likely frequented in his youth & our large chain of lakes reminding him of home. Much like the leisure activities we en

joy on the Butler Chain of Lakes, England’s Lake District, especially Windermere Lake is a fair weather getaway for thousands in England who enjoy much of the same outdoor activities.

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