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5 Reasons I LOVE Horizon West!

1) Location! 15-20 minute drive from Disney World, Universal Studios, Restaurant Row, I-Drive food and entertainment, and even closer to all sorts of shopping from the necessities to big box stores to fabulous boutiques.

2) Nature! Several nature preserves are nestled in Horizon West, one of my favorites is Tibet Butler Preserve! It's therapeutic to soak in nature and revel in all the Florida wildlife. Almost makes you feel like a Disney princess

3) Joys of a planned community! Horizon West is planned to be walkable and bike-friendly, with ample sidewalks and bike lanes.There are many ponds and lakes to stroll around, fish, and boat in too! Plus, plenty of parks and trails to boot!

4) Dining! Horizon West is expanding the palette of West Orlando with a variety of flavors, including warm Indian food, fluffy bread, crisp zesty greens, rustic Italian food, and so much more. It's rare to get so much variety so conveniently located! Check out some of my videos/market reports for recommendations!

5) Entertainment! Horizon West is a vibrant community and almost every weekend there are events, events like festivals, food trucks, fireworks, live music, BBQs, and so much more! It would be hard to get bored in Horizon West!

What do you love about Horizon West?

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