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Back to School!

The craziness of buying school supplies, getting clothes for the new year, filling out all sorts of online forms, health exams, and EKGs (if your kids are participating in after-school sports)... it's finally all done! Phew!

With all the madness, it's a good time, and take a breather and get excited about our community growth with it the new schools!

Our Horizon West community is growing and it's a real challenge to keep up with the growth. Some might even say it's a challenge that should be no surprise to Orange County as they lag far behind expectations... but I digress. The awesome news is new schools are coming!

According to OCPS (Orange County Public Schools)...

Three schools are opening in Horizon West [this August] – Hamlin Elementary, Hamlin Middle, and Panther Lake Elementary.

This is in addition to the school added for the 2021-22 school year, two high schools, Horizon High School and Water Spring Middle School.

All of this is fantastic news, and hopefully, we won't be needing those portables for much longer.

Keep it sunny, everyone!

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