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Best Renovations?

Looking to prep your home for a sale, or doing some renovations this year? You're probably wondering, "What can I do to make the most money?" Well, there are some things you can do that tend to pay off pretty well. According to a survey by NAR, here are some of the top items to consider:

  1. Hardwood flooring refinish: You can recover 147% of the cost.

  2. New wood flooring: You can recover 118% of the cost.

  3. Roofing: You can recover 100% of the cost.

  4. Bathroom renovation: You can recover 71% of the cost.

  5. Kitchen upgrade: You can recover 67% of the cost.

But here's the thing: the most important factor is what's going on in your neighborhood. You don't want to invest a ton of money in a fancy kitchen if nobody else in the area has one, or if they're not getting much of a return on their investment. That's why, before we list your house, I'll come take a look and compare it to other homes in the area. That way, I can give you an accurate price recommendation and let you know what changes might help you make more money. Lets make this happen together! -Sarah (321) 348-8574

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