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Christmas: Love it or Hate it?

This time of year always astounds me! There is a lot of present-buying, decorating, Christmas parties, and a mess of holiday goings-on that are at times equal parts fun and stress. Somehow though, and it happens every year, I see signs of hearts melting and melding.

During the holiday mayhem, I’ve seen multiple blood drives with huge lines of donors, baskets of cards filled with sweet words for the hungry in spirit, toys being lovingly wrapped for those who might have gone without, handmade blankets, warm clothes and supplies piled to spread joy and hope. While those may seem like grand gestures it doesn’t end there! I’ve seen someone run ahead to open doors for a Mom with her hands full, at the post office one customer turns to another to help them with a heavy package and a postal worker jokes with another customer as you hear the sweet peel of her laughter, a heavenly hug between two people I saw on the street, warm handshakes, sincere smiles, it keeps going and going.

This is the spirit of Christmas! I want to keep this with me year round, this deep love for all the people around, kindness, thoughtfulness… I want all of it to seep into my bones and never leave! Have you seen examples of the Christmas spirit this season? If so, please share!

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