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Running in the Dark

*Sorry it's a blurry picture. I was running in the dark ;)

So my teens and I recently started running in the early mornings. I feel it's important that they understand the relationship between exercise and a well-functioning mind. Everyone's schedule is a mess so early mornings are what we settled on.

Well, we run early enough in the morning that it's dark. To stay safe we wear high-visibility gear with lights on the back and brighter white lights up front. This way people can see where we are and we can get a slight light so we don't trip. Even with all that I find myself tracking my kids at all times and my kids must be too because when my youngest stumbled we were all by his side pretty quickly.

I feel like life is like running in the dark sometimes. All of us are pinpricks of light traversing life. Some folks are ahead of us, some behind, some next to us, and all of us shed a little bit of light as we have our own unique experiences. When we stumble, we discover the people who have been keeping an eye out, who have been tracking us, who are there in that moment to lift us. What's incredible to me is that in a world where everyone makes their own individual choices, there are so many individuals that choose to keep their eyes open and be aware of the runners around them. There are times in my life when I have had many hands catch me, and other times when there were none.

It motivates me to look around, to see the gorgeous pinpricks of light, the lights that are the people around me, and to keep an eye out. It also makes me want to share my experiences with others, offer a bit more light, and make "running" a bit easier for my fellows. So thank you, everyone, for being the lights in my life!

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