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Warm Woolen Mitten and Crisp Apple Strudels...

Comforting, cool, inviting, that's what I think of when I think of Fall. I don't think heat, humidity, and hurricane season and yet, I wouldn't give it up for the world! Apples are in season, Halloween has a firm grasp on the shelves in our stores, and all the kiddies are back in school. That's how I know it's Fall in Florida!

Lately, I feel like my home probably felt during hurricane Charley, a bit battered. The news is not peppy, the daily grind hasn't stopped, and I feel like I'm in an eternal game of whack-a-mole when life's little problems crop up. It's times like these I need to take a step back, and re-realize how incredible everything is! So I take a moment to remember my favorite things!

So Here Are Some of MY Favorite Things

  1. The smell of freshly cut grass

  2. Puppies! The fluffier the better!

  3. The pack of ibises that breakfast on my lawn daily

  4. Smiles and replies from my fellow morning walkers!

  5. Totally drool-worthy Donut King Donuts

  6. Cranking the A/C in my car on a hot day!

  7. Enjoying a DnD campaign with my family made by my son

  8. Reading late into the night because I can't put the book down and I'm still not sure I'll regret it!

  9. An empty inbox... I did it once, I can do it again!

  10. Unexpectedly being behind a gorgeous classic car while in traffic

  11. ICE. WATER. 'Nuff said.

  12. Listening to my favorite history podcasts because I'm a nerd

  13. Realizing I need to pick up something "real quick" and I am 10 minutes away from several options

  14. My now very full spice cabinet, dedicated to making our food fun!

  15. Tubing down cool springs on blistering summer days

  16. Actually seeing a gator in my neighborhood!

  17. Wild dinner conversations with my family

  18. The walk-in closet that has turned into Florida home storage

  19. Access to pools and oceans all year round

  20. My comfy headset that I finally found after so many made my ears sore

  21. The pen where the ink flows perfectly and makes my atrocious handwriting looks nice

  22. Waking up to the literal singing of birds (mourning doves are my favorite)

  23. Being able to borrow audio book online through my library

  24. Flossing after eating popcorn... oh man, it's soo satisfying.

  25. My graying hairs! I earned them fair and square! :)

Thanks for being a part of...

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