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Where is the Toilet Seat?

So, you just got yourself a brand new house, but there's something missing. Wasn't the washing machine supposed to come with it? What about the curtains or the garage door opener? And hey, remember that fancy Ring doorbell? Did the sellers take all of these things? Were they even supposed to?

Believe it or not, there have been some crazy stories about sellers taking really bizarre things, like a toilet seat!

So what should stay with the home? What shouldn't? All of that should be clearly stated in the contract between the buyer and seller. Usually, if an item is 'fixed' to the house it stays! But what is fixed?

In a home, fixed items are things that are usually installed or built into the house, like a built-in bookshelf or a ceiling fan that is securely attached. These items are securely attached and have taken a vow to never leave the house! So, while you can move around your furniture and redecorate, these fixed items will stick around.

So, sellers, if you really want to take that toilet seat with you, make sure you put it in the contract. And buyers, if there's something you want that isn't permanently attached to the house, make sure you include it in the contract. Be super specific about what you want. Remember, every situation is unique, so give me a call today to ensure that your new home comes equipped with all the necessary toilet seats when you move in. Trust me, it's an important detail for a comfortable living!

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